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AME Computers 3512 Samson Way Suite 204 Bellevue Ne 68123 (402)-505-6600

Desktop and Laptop Repair | Computer Parts

Incredibly affordable computer repairs for your desktop or laptop. Windows repair and installation. Hard Drive Diagnostics, Data Recovery

Laptop Screen Replacement or Repair

Broken Laptop LCD Screen? Laptop Screen Repair or Replacement, DC Jack Repair or Replacement, Hard Drive Diagnostics, Data Recovery

Desktop & Laptop Spyware Removal Computer Tune-up

Slow computer? We understand.Virus and spyware removal, secure your computer and protect your bank account and privacy.

iphone ipod Screen Repair Omaha-Bellevue-Papillion

iPhone iPod Screen Replacement Bellevue Ne iPhone iPod Screen Repair Omaha-Bellevue-Papillion iPhone Repair Omaha.

Computer Repair Omaha Nebraska, Bellevue, Council Bluffs, Papillion, La Vista, Plattsmouth, Ralston

3512 Samson Way Suite 204 (402)-505-6600

Desktop and Laptop Computer Repair Bellevue Ne
AME Computers Winner of the Small Business Award of Excellence 2012
Our Promise
If we can fix your computer in fifteen minutes or less it's free

We are the most reviewed Computer Repair center in the state of Nebraska, with 83 Five Star reviews, we have the lowest prices guaranteed ....Go check! We don't charge $65 dollars for a diagnostics we don't have a radio show, but we are honest and these days that's more important than a radio show.

AME Computers Winner of the Sarpy County People's Choice Awards for Best Computer Repair
With Over 80 Plus Google Reviews we are the most reviewed Computer Repair center in the entire state of Nebraska

No upfront fees, no deposit fees. AME Computers is not a one man shop with a hammer and screwdriver, we are professional technicians with over 25 years of combined experience. And we won't ask you to pay before you get your computer fixed, would you pay before you got your car fix? No so why would you pay before you got your computer fixed?

See The Difference Today Quality Is Everything!

There is no such thing as one hour virus removal. If you get a quote or you are told that your computer can be cleaned and virus-free in one hour, you are being scammed.  Automated scans do not rid your computer of all viruses and infections.

Be aware of home based computer business they are not insured, not bonded, and not responsible, and they also may not be legal.

You never have to pay before you get your computer fixed. Be aware of shops that ask you for a deposit or prepay for any work.

Computer Repair Bellevue NE | Computer Repair Omaha Nebraska | Computer Repair Store Bellevue NE

Desktop, laptops, iPhones, smart phones, iPads, tablets—these are all devices that we all have grown dependent on. AME Computer’s staff has the specialized skills and abilities to repair and upgrade these personal products.

Serving Omaha, Bellevue, Papillion, La Vista, Plattsmouth, Ralston and Council Bluffs—we treat each and every individual customer with individualized customer service by getting to know you by your first name.
At AME Computers we understand that the repair of these personal products is very important because the dependence that we have on them.  Your data is safe and your privacy is very important to us.  We understand. We get it!

AME Computers offers repair and diagnostics on desktop and laptop computers. We can preform virus and malware removal upgrades and repair to operating systems. If you live in Omaha you can enjoy the same great service as our Bellevue residents, computer repair services for Omaha.

Don't trust a geek or just anyone to come trudging through your house, and spend hours scanning your computer for viruses.If you have a desktop you don't need to bring any cables, keyboard or mouse. Just the computer.Our computer care center is equipped with state of the art diagnostic hardware and software testing equipment and tools, your data is safe and secure.

Is your computer running slow? Are you getting pop-ups that just will not stop? Does your computer take a long time to load the desktop or load web pages, does it lock up and freeze, don't get frustrated with your computer we can repair it.

AME Computers Computer Repair Bellevue Ne, we are specialized IT professionals that will explain in detail exactly what is wrong with your computer or laptop, we can save your data and breath new life in your computer, and you will not have spend $100's of dollars, stop by or call us today to see how much money you can actually save by having us repair your computer.

Laptop screen replacement and DC Jack repair, we can also fix your laptop! Spill your drink on your laptop? Laptop slow or will not turn on? Call or stop by today we can fix that too!

Excellent customer service and satisfaction, we are your personal IT department, AME Computers offers the lowest prices possible but with the high quality in the the industry, we will beat any price on any work. our goal is to please you our customer.

Computer Repair Bellevue | Omaha Computer Repair



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