What is Bluetooth?

If you were to perform a quick check upon many of the online market places which deal with electronic-communications equipment and gadgets you would readily notice a common form of technology. The technology of which I am referring to is universally known as Bluetooth. This technology is simply a certain specification that must be incorporated within the devices to enable that device to function and communicate over very short distances. As an example you may have two specific gadgets like a computer and a wireless telephone. These devices can work effectively together and even swap files with the use of a low power communications system assuming that both of these units incorporate and are equipped with the Bluetooth technology.
Initially when this technology was first introduced to the industry and placed on the marketplace it was first viewed as a viable alternative to the once popular RS232 data transfer system. Unfortunately, the Bluetooth technology was unable to upset the current trend for RS232 and failed to replace the system. This failure was principally because the technology of the RS232 can effectively connect a vast number of different devices together without having to deal with the common issues of synchronization. Bluetooth technology did however open its own avenues of importance and developed its own uses. It became especially known for its low power consumption within a short range. Two or more devices equipped with this Bluetooth technology can work with each other from at least one meter to as much as 100 meters without the lose of the signal and perform these tasks wirelessly. It is the Bluetooth’s ability to function in a short, limited distance and its wireless capability that provides it with its greatest asset. Keep in mind however that the moment one of the gadgets are no longer in the immediate range of each other then the equipment can no longer communicate with each other even if both of them are equipped with the Bluetooth technology.

Since the Bluetooth uses the radio broadcast communications systems for its ability to function then all the equipment that is required to work together need not line up merely to facilitate its individual file sharing session. Multiple tasks can easily be accomplished according to the capabilities of the equipment itself.

Bluetooth has progressed to the status of a common everyday technology which is now popularly used on the majority of mobile cell phones and those which provide for hands free operation in particular. This technology is also a growing feature that is found more or less on many pieces of equipment that is being developed for the personal computers, communications devices as well as for the gaming consoles and entertainment devices popular with young people today. Bluetooth is definitely here to stay.


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