What Is Dual Core

Dual core or the term dual core processor actual implies the same thing. The concept revolves around the idea of a multi-processor system which means that your computer has two microprocessors in one package or in a single chip. These dual processors work in tandem together to improve the responsiveness of your machine or as more simply put to better the speed of your computer. This is the primary reason for its current popularity and why most of the people today prefer this type of processor system. To most of the current users it is perceived to increase the total performance of their individual machines.

To illustrate this point a bit more lets review the following bits of information. When you are using your computer there are several types of programs actively running within it. These are implicit and explicitly working programs that function on a more or less continuous basis inside of the processor. You can easily confirm this fact by merely invoking the task manager menu and you will really see the long list of these processes which are currently running. The more the processes that you see running, the harder your processor is actually working. If you merely had a normal type of processor it is highly likely that you would experience a drastic slow down of your computer operations. Without the dual core technology you may actually have a considerable amount of “lag” in your program operations. This would certainly be noticeable on many of the current high memory eaters on the market today. Let’s face facts – You can not have all these fabulous features in a program without the high memory consumption.

It is widely accepted today that the dual core processor has become the new desktop computer standard by which all processors are being compared to. More and more companies are switching to this technology since it is more effective and allows better performance then a single processor. This switch is quite likely possibly because of the many obvious benefits that this dual processor seems to provide to the end user as well as to the machine itself. A typical example would be with the dual core you can save energy while still delivering increased overall performance. Space within the computer board itself is yet another valuable advantage since you would only be required to house only a single chip instead of two. The most beneficial of these advantage points that should be considered is the dual core technology has proven beyond doubt to be very effective and reliable. This stable design alone has been instrumental in effectively promoting the units. It may perhaps take a long time before a more dependable processor design can replace the dual core units since the technology is so much more advanced and reliable.


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