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Desktops, Laptops iPods, iPhones, smarts phones, sometime these devices become obsolete, to where they are not longer functional upgrade-able or usable. The question always is what do you do with them?

Simple, bring these devices to us and we will recycle them for you at no cost to you. No worries, keep peace of mind that your data on all these devices will be permanently erased.

The only way to remove and completely eradicate data from these devices is to write over all the data with special software that we have at our computer care center. Simply just deleting the data is not a sure method of removing it, the data can still be there it must be written over. Personal information such as address books, web browsing history, passwords and login info can still be there even after a factory reset of these devices.

Throwing any of these devices in the trash is not only risky to your personal identity; it’s also harmful to the environment. We can recycle your desktop or laptop at no charge to you. Its absolutely free.

If you have purchased a new computer we can recycle your old computer and transfer your data on to your new computer or any other storage device you choose.

Have an old games console you have not used for many years? We can also recycle games consoles.

Every desktop or laptop, iPhone, iPod or smart phone that you bring in will be broken down and sent to a special facility where the metal, plastic, LCD screens, glass, and circuit boards will be melted down and put in to good use.

It’s always free and you never have to make an appointment. Stop in today or give us a call and we will be happy to take care of all of your recycling needs.

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