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Most large chain computer repair shops have a set pricing schedule they use for most general laptop repairs and they force you to fit that pricing chart. In general, most small computer and laptop repair shops also have a flat fee that they charge, so no matter how severe or simple your laptop repair is, you’re situation is forced to fit their pre-determined pricing.

Laptop repairs like all our computer repair services at AME Computers are truly different. We customize all our computer repair solutions to your specific individual needs.

For example: replacing a laptop screen, depending on the make or model of the laptop, will have different screen sizes and types of replacement screens available. Most small shops and large chains will charge you a flat rate fee to replace your laptop screen even though you may get a less expensive matt screen rather than the more expensive HD high resolution screen.

The same thing is often true with another common laptop repair, specifically, DC-Jack replacement. Instead of paying a flat pre-determined fee for your Laptop DC-Jack replacement or repair we customize a solution that works best for you. Laptop jacks can often be repaired, they don’t always have to be replaced.

Today’s laptops are faster lighter and more efficient and a new one can cost $900 or more. Sure you can purchase one for around $400 but you get what you pay for.

Bargain laptops don’t have the power and resources and lack quality components such as processor memory and storage space.

So the next time your laptop needs repair and before you automatically slap down your hard earned money for a laptop repair that you may not really need, you have another option, stop by and see us first. We guarantee our work to your satisfaction.

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