Computer Science

Computer science is technically the study of theoretical foundations involving information and computation. It deals with developing the various practical techniques that are used for implementing the information into a computer system. If left strictly for its technical definition it is unlikely that many people would ever consider the field of study as an occupation. However in the short sense of it computer science deals with the aspects which relate to operating and programming a computer. This science is further subdivided into areas of computer graphics and that of data analysis.

There are specific people who work at nothing other then implementing various computations. In generally these are the computer programmers and language developers who take the raw information of a computer and successfully blend it together into a workable laymen product. They commonly apply specific languages towards solving a particular computer related problem. An example of this would be the use of COBOL to resolve any business related factors while FORTRAN would be employed in the various scientific communities.

To the general public they view computer science in the same breath as information technology. This is totally incorrect. The vocational aspects of computers are not at all associated with computer science. Nor can one safely assume that what they do on a computer even remotely is associated with the study of computer science such as gaming, word processing or web-browsing. The focus centered upon computer science is based more upon developing an understanding of the various properties of the different programs that are used towards implementing the software.

Computer science is traditionally credited with having its beginnings before the invention of the modern day computer. We can go back as far as the abacus if we get really technical. In our modern day we would be greatly indebted to Charles Babbage for his difference engine design. After Babbage various single purpose machine began to be developed to accomplish various tasks.

During the 1940s, more powerful computing machines began to be developed and the name computer began to refer to a specific breed of machine. It was quickly becoming clear that a computer could easily be used for more than mere mathematical computations. It was during this time that computer science started to receive the academic recognition that it rightfully deserved.

The passing of time has been kind to the computer world and has presented significant improvements in both the equipment as well as the programming. There has been a significant increase in the effectiveness and the usability of computer technology in our modern society. Contemporary civilization has witnessed a major shift from computers being employed solely by professionals to the more widespread user equipment.

As soon as the digital age matured we witnessed the introduction of the information age. Everyone is now on the internet and the World Wide Web is like a gigantic storehouse of various bits and pieces of information awaiting someone to tap into it and make legitimate use of it.


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