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You often hear about computer worms on the internet or the evening news but do you actually know what these programs are? A computer worm is a type of virus which replicates itself over and over again. One would generally get a computer worm on their machine by opening an unsafe email attachment. It is not unusual to find that a trusting computer user inadvertently opens the attachment unleashing the virus to complete its dirty work.

Research shows that some of the more famous viruses found in computer history have started their life as a computer worm. It is not unlikely to see these types of viruses cripple huge corporate mainframes and its networks. These attacks usually end up infecting millions of different computers around the globe within a matter of only a few hours.

Frequently, computer worms are employed to extract email addresses from the affected machine and deliver them to some remote location with the intent to use them for spamming purposes or to expand the viral infections to additional computers. Frequently a computer worm will work in conjunction with Trojan viruses. The Trojan will assist the worm in obtaining entry into the computer systems after which the worm will steals all the email addresses.

Fortunately these types of viruses are not difficult to remove by use of the popular anti virus software found on the market today. In the event that you perhaps feel that your computer has somehow obtained a computer worm virus it is advisable that you immediately run a complete virus scan. Once a computer worm has been released it will spread extremely fast. If your computer is not properly protected then it has a high rate of possibility for an infection.

To combat this particular problem you should make certain that your computer always has the latest virus and security updates. Most of the time you will discover that these virus updates are free and ready available to the purchaser. The point to be made here is that if more consumers were to make use of these virus tools then we would see less and less of the computer worms. Let’s face it if they were ineffective they would not be used.

The current thought in your mind now is probably how you keep your computer safe and protected from these vile computer worms. Here are a few points to ponder that may help you on your way while limiting the spread of these worm viruses.

1. The major principle used to stop a worm virus is to maintain a quality antivirus software program.

2. If you use a high speed internet connection such as cable or DSL you should seriously consider purchasing a router.

3. Use your computer operating systems firewall in the event that you do not have a router.

4. Never and I repeat never open any email attachments from strangers. If you do not know the person then consider it a possible virus attack.

5. Install your windows updates regularly to ensure any problems with the operating system are taken care of.

6. Be cautious of using file sharing programs.


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