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If your desktop needs repair or even completely dies on you, you will be amazed at our abilities to bring it back to life. Often we can get your your desktop repaired and back up and running again, even when other computer repair services can't.

Save yourself a bundle of money on your desktop repair needs. We won't try to sell you a new computer, we want to save you as much money as possible and get you and your computer happily back together again.

Whether your desktop computer is not powering on or if it is just plain old and slow we can help get your desktop repaired so it runs like new again. We can upgrade your computer with storage and memory depending on your individual needs to help your computer keep up with your growing computing demands.

Check out our incredibly affordable professional computer repair prices, most desktop repairs are extremely affordable.

If your desktop computer will not power on, we will run an array of hardware diagnostics to determine the specific problem and advise you of your best and most cost effective desktop repair solution.

You will be amazed on how we can repair the dreaded blue screen of death or even problems like no screen at all, and no power can often be effectively diagnosed and repaired efficiently and affordably.

Desktop computer component repairs too, yes it may sound odd when you are talking about computers, but even desktop mother boards and power supplies can often be replaced or repaired, and if in extreme situations when they do actually need to be replaced, we will work hard to get you the best pricing on the exact part your computer needs.

We're extremely confident you'll find our desktop repairs, component parts and replacements like motherboards, powersupplies, power switches, video cards sounds cards and memory upgrades exceptionally affordable and our high success rate for finding the exact soultion to complete your desktop repair.

Desktop Repair Services

  • Full Desktop hardware stress test and diagnosis.

  • Desktop repairs including motherboard, power supply, video, sound card repair and or installation.

  • Power problems and power switches and be diagnosed and repaired.

  • SMD work on computer components when necessary.

  • Optimize and tweak Wiak Windows for best performance.

  • Configure and install Windows updates, patches and resolve your desktop computer's security vulnerabilities.

  • Desktop Computer Data transfer and data backup.

  • Desktop Computer Data recovery and restore.

  • If you have recently purchased a new desktop computer, we can easily, securely and very affordably transfer all of your data from your old computer to your new one.

  • New desktop computer setup, we will uninstall and clean all the unnecessary bloat ware and unnecessaryextra junk that your computer comes with. Let us configure and optimize your new or old desktop computer Windows settings for best performance to help keep it running smoother longer.

Stop by or call us today at (402) 505-6600 for a free consultation.

Together we can keep your computer running smoother, longer and keep another computer from needlessly going to the landfill before its time, all while saving you a bundle of money on your desktop repair and upgrading needs.

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