Different types of file system

When there is a valid need to properly store and to organize your business computer files your company should not be constrained with using only a single type of filing system. In effect there is more than one type of file system that can be used for your purpose. To actually be more precise there are a total of four different styles or types of systems at your command. These systems are your disk file systems; the network file systems as well as the various special purposes file systems. We will briefly cover each of these systems in turn.

The disk file system is perhaps the most common means employed for storing and maintaining both personal and business related files. These are easy to use and can be used at your home or at your place of employment. The maintenance and the storage of these files are facilitated only by the data storage devices themselves such as by the use of the common disk drive. The disk file system used by an organization can use either the FAT, NTFS, HFS or a few of the lesser known methods which we will not discus here. It is better to keep to the major types of systems in order to facilitate compatibility.

Another quickly growing type of file system is the Flash file system. This is the choice of system if your intention is to store your data on the portable flash memory devices. The popularity of these storage media devices has grown along side the popular mobile devices and the closely related flash memories. Though it is a common misunderstanding to employ the use of the usual disk file system on the flash device it quickly becomes apparent that by doing so will simply not bring out the best results of this system.

We next have the network file system which is quickly gaining in popularity not only in the business environment but in private homes as well. This system makes use of what is known as remote file access protocol. This protocol provides users the necessary access for files which are stored on a common server.

The last type of file system that we will briefly discus is the special purpose file system. Simply put, any file system which is not a network or a disk file system would fall under this new category of file system. Generally these types of systems are in house designed specifically for a particular purpose by the computer department of major corporations. This type of data bases and file structures do not adapt very well from one field of use to another. As an example you would not want to try and use a specially designed meat production file system for use with an auto industry company complex.


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