ColdFusion is a programming language that is tag based and can be used on the same page as HTML. Nowadays there is advanced programming and such practice is discouraging and pretty annoying for most programmers but still is used in old codes. All ColdFusion tags start with "cf", for example, . This tag sets variable "yourName" to the value of "Joe". ColdFusion is not concerned with variable and statement case, thus is the same as .

However, these are some practical habits to take in consideration for the ColdFusion developers who are still using it.

Many ColdFusion developers have to take advantage of the power and feature of their database and solve problems through the use of SQL and or specific features in their database.

The most important thing in building an application that will be used and supported is maintainability.

The first thing it creates are style and coding guidelines. If you do not have one, the Macromedia’s internal Web development group has published their ColdFusion Coding Guidelines and can be see in their website.

You need to make sure everyone in your development team adheres to it. Also remember to change your guidelines only if it is necessary and make sure that people switch to the new guidelines as well.

There are many approaches to creating requirements, modeling systems, developing methodologies, etc., but you should have a clear understanding of what you are about to do. CF allows start coding without clearly thinking about what the application needs to do and if you come back at a later date and slap on more code to create new features, without planning or thinking through what effects those changes will have on the system as a whole.

People always get confused with exception handling which is trapping of error. You should use CFTRY/CFCATCH blocks in your code where an error or exception may occur, such as a CFQUERY, in that numerous unexpected things can happen in a query from a query failure to the database being down. Once you have trapped your error, the first thing you need to do is logically decide if the error needs to be dealt with in some way such as attempting to retry the failing process or notifying a system administrator.

The recommendation is that the ColdFusion developers have to test their code to increase the speed of your developed applications in order to reduce your frustration level and increase long-term maintainability of the application.

Nowadays, testing code practices are popular with ColdFusion and there are many useful tools. One of these is the CFUnit.

Keep learning is necessary to be a good programmers. You have to be always monitoring best practices, discussing problems with their peers, and learning new programming languages and technologies. ColdFusion is easy to integrate Java, .NET, and XML. But you will not be able to know if all you do is to focus only on ColdFusion.

ColdFusion Developers should use always source control to save development time. It will allow you to track your work efforts, provide valuable backups, and allow you to easily manage many similar projects. This also applies to projects that you’re doing yourself or at home. Knowing that you can always revert to an earlier version of your code you will not be ever frustrated. CodlFusion Programmers should apply these techniques and use them when it is convenient or when there is no pressure


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