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Everyone with a computer also needs a background for the screen, even if it is just a single color. However, almost everyone likes to personalize their computer or display with a background picture that represents something they like, such as family, friends or scenery. Although all computers come with free computer wallpapers to choose from, these are just standard and nothing they will amaze or “wow” anybody. Fortunately, there are countless free computer wallpaper downloads on the internet and these cover everything that you could possibly imagine.

Although there are many websites that offer free computer wallpaper, it is still a good idea to do some research ahead of time and only go with the safe sites. Many sources actually do have free computer wallpaper that is free of any viruses, spyware or adware, but there are also many black sheep that will download such harmful programs along with the background. Before downloading anything at least scan it or have a very good security suite protecting your computer. It also doesn’t hurt before downloading any screen backgrounds to find reviews of websites you are considering downloading from and see what others have to say about their experiences with it.

Once you have found the right site that has the free computer wallpaper you want, you will have to correctly download it. Especially if you have a Mac instead of Windows based computer it will be important to see if the backgrounds are compatible. On top of compatibility, you might also be presented with various resolutions to choose from and so you will have to determine in advance what is best for your system.

Free computer wallpaper is varied in regards to subject matter and themes. There will definitely be no shortage of things to choose from and many in fact download more backgrounds than intended upon. Many websites that offer free computer wallpaper don’t have any limits and so you can download as many as you want. That is definitely an advantage to not having to pay any money.

You can have a different background every day, or just change with the seasons and holidays. Free computer wallpaper can be found for all holidays, seasons and events, as well as scenery, animals, plants and the list just goes on and on. Since wallpapers don’t require much space on the hard drive, you can download whatever you like and just save it for later use.

With free computer wallpaper there will never have to be a boring screen background again. Not only are the free computer wallpaper pictures bright, vivid and clear, but many are also animated or even interactive. For those that like games and want something fun to do when taking a break there are free computer wallpaper downloads that are mini games.

It is definitely worth your time to look through many of the free computer wallpaper downloads that are being offered, because there is just so much to choose from. Never settle for the first best picture, because you might find something even better on a different site or even that general theme in a more advanced animated version


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