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Within the past month, there have been many viruses that have been written but because all low level threats, the general public would not even know about them if they did not log on directly to the Symantec website they would never be the wiser. These viruses were detected and protected on the very same day. All of these viruses came in different forms such as adware, spyware, Trojans, trackware, jokes, or viruses all caused computer vulnerabilities in many systems.

One of the biggest threats right now to network security is PUP's which are potentially unwanted programs. PUP's are annoying and compromise the protection of trade secrets and customer data. While PUP's are made up of a variety of unwanted programs which include spyware, adware, password crackers, zombie computers, redirect the cost of internet connections, and jokes that serve no other purpose except to annoy you.

PUPS's appear and expand extremely fast. PUP's usually consist of hundreds of files that get into your computer and download other files and programs, eventually leading to a lot of unwanted software being downloaded onto your computer. The key is to block the very first PUP before it is out of control. McAfee has designed new anti spyware that automatically scans your computer for PUP's every time a file accesses the disk or if any new software is attempted to be installed. If it is a potential PUP, it is automatically blocked. The key with this software from McAfee is that it moves really fast whereas the other programs that claim to be similar do not which could potentially not recognize PUP's as they sneak in.

Unlike any other corrupt or malicious software or program, PUP's needs a layered approach in order to be stopped effectively. Use all security methods, use updated virus scans, and all spyware and adware programs at heightened security. This is the beginning of stopping PUP's on your desktop computer and on your network. In the workplace, lock down system configurations and cut back on administrative privileges. This will be extremely effective in stopping employees from downloading anything that could contain malicious content.

It can not be expressed enough how important a very good anti virus program that uses current updates, a spyware and adware program are for your computer as if you are not using them then you are open for a world of trouble. Even if you know someone who is operating without this protection remove them as a contact because their irresponsibility can end up costing you in the long run. McAfee's program also covers key areas by identifying and blocking such malicious content such as spyware, adware, keyloggers, remote control programs, and other PUP's.

There are actually software programs that are designed to eliminate each piece of malicious material from your computer or catch it before it needs to be eliminated. Anymore, one program just will not cut it to protect against all of the computer corruption that is happening today. There are many that claim to but it always seems that it is never enough.


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