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It wasn’t long ago that the rage for cell phone information services was Google411 however that may be on the verge of change in the near future. By now just about everyone has heard of Microsoft’s new Bing search engine, however not many have heard of the even newer Bing 411. Bing’s 411 was devised to compete with Googles popular 411 system of looking up telephone numbers.

Microsoft’s Bing mobile features appear to surpass those concepts that are built into the popular google system providing the user with more options and an enhanced excitement when using the system in conjunction with their cell phone while traveling. The Bing 411 is a not only an elaborate search tool devised for use with mobile devices but also possesses features not generally found on Google’s 411. The system is an extension of the Microsoft Bing search engine and derives much of its data from the archives and database of the search engine. Use of this new 411 system is simple and quick. The process is all voice controlled using voice search technologies created and powered by Tellme. The Tellme system shows a high degree of accuracy in its interpretation.

Bing 411 is currently active and readily available in the United States by dialing Bing's toll-free number at 800-BING-411. Once you are connected via your cell phone the clear and understandable voice operator will ask you what service you are interested in. Users at this point are able to find local stores and merchants, restaurants in their area and to obtain driving directions, sports scores, traffic reports, weather and even stock quotes.

The voice operator will browse and search through thousands of business categories until it finds what you are looking for. Its speech recognition capabilities are some of the best found on the market today. Search results can include telephone numbers and its associated address. The user then afforded the opportunity to place their call immediately upon notification of the search results. You may also obtain step by step directions to and from a particular location and those instructions can be sent to your cell phone as a text message if you so desire. It will include specific turn by turn directions to successfully get you to where you want to be.

You can even ask it for the lowest local gas prices by merely providing it with a zip code or city-state combination. Weather forecasts are readily available for any location in America.

One excellent feature is the traffic report. Upon connecting say the word traffic and Bing will ask you for a start location. After you respond it will ask for a destination. You will receive a short traffic response in return.

Want to catch a local movie or matinee show? No problem. Just ask Bing what is playing and where. Within seconds you can make your selection and soon be enjoying the latest theater release.


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