It's a jungle out there, the internet is not a safe place for your computer , but relax your safe here.

There are no viruses that your computer can catch there is not spyware or any kind of bad ware that your browser will unknowingly download, and install to your computer so if you ever feel threatened with pop ups and spyware your safe here.

The internet was fairly safe in a time long ago, but now it is not safe anymore, just like you would have to watch your child and keep him safe from danger you have to watch your computer carefully and keep it safe. Why do you ask? Great question, because there are bad people out there that want to learn about you, study you, and influence you in a certain way.

There are companies trying to sell you stuff, and they do not even know what that stuff is. They have to learn about you to be able to do that. They will track you, and try to manage your every point and click. There are some that are just plain old evil and want to purposely destroy and vandalize your computer.

Here's a shocking truth, viruses can damage your computer to the hardware level. So that investment that you made and are looking at right now can be destroyed by people, who just feel like costing you as much pain and grief as possible. However, for the most part, if you are the average surfer, most companies just want to get to know you so that they can target and advertise to you.

They want you to buy there product and if you will not come to them, they will come to you And yet not all advertising is bad, it can be good, advertising just like commercials on TV, and radio support the companies or organizations that are supplying you what ever it is that you are looking for. Ok, so lets look like at some ways website try to influence you. Do you have a home page? A home page is a page that you start with ever time you launch your browser. Well, there are websites that like to change your home page to a page what they want you to see. They want to once again some how some way profit from you.

Once your home page has been hijacked it can be difficult to get back the home page that you want to see. Have you ever installed a tool bar? Not that all tool bars a bad, but some are malicious in the sense that they actually add items to your favorites, and just clutter your browser with so many buttons that your web page viewing is dramatically decreased.

The important aspect to remember when dealing with spyware and malware is that if you are protected and are able to avoid the bad ware your surfing experience will be clean, and enjoyable. 1 hour or less on the internet with out protection can cause days, and weeks of aggravation, and stress.

Ultimately they amount of spyware and malware that your computer is infected with depends on what kind of websites you visit. The Definition of Spyware Spyware is software that is installed without your permission, and it is there to study you, track you, and report your surfing preferences, activities and send information about the kind of data that is stored on your computer.

In other words, spyware is software technology that is purposely created or written to collect and gather information about a person/user or organization. Spyware is sometimes bundled along with free ware, when the person downloads and installs the free ware the spyware is also installed, sometimes with your unknown consent most times with out your consent.

Some spyware is installed by a method known as "drive-by-download" this is where you absolutely have no control or over what has been downloaded and installed on your computer much less given a choice.


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